Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday/Photo Challenge

This week's photo challenge: Splash! (though technically this is post splash)



Christy said...

awwww, what a cute little towel!

discoveringthemeinmommy said...

how did your little one like the water?!?

i read some of your other posts, and you sound so fun! so i following!

Tina said...

Thanks Christy!

He seems neutral in the water. Not against it, but not excited about it either. He lets me get in a workout before he's over it, which is impressive for a 3 month old...I think :)

Thanks for the compliments and for following :)

The Mommy said...

LOL! @ post splash, now that is different take on the theme.

Lynda said...

That is so sweet! The black and white works well with it too!

Keriann said...

Awe! What a sweet little one! And ditto Christy cute towel!

☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

awww totally super cute!!!
Have a Fantastic Monday!

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