Monday, June 14, 2010

Conveniently Crunchy

So I've seen this term "crunchy" thrown around a bit.  I wasn't really sure what that was all about.  A friend of mine enlightened me...  Apparently being "crunchy" is living life naturally and subscribing to ideals that have been abandoned in our modern society.  There's quite the spectrum, apparently.  My friend said she's at one end of the spectrum: she cloth diapers part time.  Though no one I know IRL or online is at the other end of the spectrum of lotus births and such.  Through our conversation we dubbed me "conveniently crunchy."  I ascribe to many so-called crunchy practices, but only as I seem them convenient (but then that's probably true of all of us on this spectrum).

Ways I am "crunchy"

  • I exclusively breastfeed and don't hesitate to feed in public, in large gatherings, or even at dinner (whether in or out)...most public nursing experience was while waiting in a packed crowd at Disney
  • I cloth diaper...started for financial reasons and foot print, continued for health/ecological reasons
  • We're seriously considering homeschooling (with a state that is ranked something like 48th nationally and a budget that won't allow private schooling, what options do we really have?)
  • We coslept for the first month and I cosleep half the night (he starts the night in his bassinet right by the bed and joins us in bed after his first feeding)
  • We recycle
  • We use reusable shopping bags (and have for a few years now)
  • We try our best to live as ecologically friendly as we can
  • I baby wear when we go out and sometimes to do chores around the house
Ways I'm not "crunchy"
  • I had a hospital birth with an OB (a c-section at that)
  • I fully plan to birth future children at the hospital
  • My husband cut the cord :)
  • I use a dryer for all our clothes and diapers
  • I don't baby wear 24/7 nor use a sling or wrap
I'm sure there's more to add to either list.  I'm proud of the way I'm raising Squirmy and if that makes me "crunchy" so be it!!  :)


Amy Walker said...

Wow! I like what you've done with the background here! Very nice! I'm mostly crunchy too...funny how it just snowballs! ;)
~Amy @

Tina said...

Thanks!! I thought it was nice and kind of reflected my ecofriendly switch :)

Snowballs is a good word, lol. Just ordered our dryer balls and we're switching to RnG for all our laundry needs!

Jessica Anne said...

I'm conveniently crunchy too. :) I try, but I don't do everything green, and if it's too big of a hassle, I won't do it. Every little bit helps though. Thanks for visiting my blog today.