The Modern Mommy

Welcome to my little piece of the web, and welcome into my little world.  I'm a first time mom trying to figure out the best way to do this whole wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend,

I wanted a natural birth, but was told the only safe way my son would be born would be through c-section.  My heart was broken and I was scared.  A few short hours later, none of that mattered.  I had my beautiful baby boy.  Even if I couldn't have the birth I wanted, I was bound and determined to breastfeed him.  He latched on just after delivery and we haven't looked back.

Six weeks into this little journey, we got rid of the disposable diapers and switched to cloth.  It's been amazing and we've never been happier!

What's next for our little family?  Baby Led Weaning, possibly homeschooling... who knows where life will take us...