Wednesday, February 2, 2011

King of the Power Nappers

I decided to take the troops outside to soak up the Vitamin D and to take advantage of the beautiful day not everyone was getting to experience.  I crossed my fingers that the sunshine and fresh air would also mean decent naps...

So the usual nap time routine.  Nephew in his PnP in the office first (he's an easy napper).  Kid I watch goes down next with a bottle in his PnP in Squirmy's room while Squirmy nurses.  Then it's Squirmy's turn to nurse in our room and go down in his crib.  (I swear, one day he WILL use the nursery we so lovingly prepared for him.)

It was a typical nap time start.  I had him peacefully slumbering in his crib in 10 minutes or so.  I tip toed out of our room, came down stairs, turned the baby monitors on, started Squirmy's nap timer, and heard the kid I watch still awake.  I took the last ounce he'd left in his bottle up to him.  He finished just as I started hearing the oddest banging ringing out.  I quickly left the room in search of this ODD noise.

It was coming from our bedroom!!!  My heart raced in the brief moments it took for me to get into our bedroom once I determined where the sound was.  Squirmy had woken up, crawled out of his side-car crib, crawled across our bed, found coins on Hubby's nightstand (why the man had coins there I'll never know, we never use cash), and was happily banging the coins on the nightstand.  He turned to look at me, all smiles, wide awake as though he'd never been asleep.  I tried to nurse him back to sleep, but he wouldn't so much as close his eyes.  Nap was over and he wanted to play!!

And play he though he'd slept for 3 hours and not the 10 minutes the nap timer read...King of the Power Nappers!

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