Friday, June 25, 2010

GroBaby update

After my pathetic cry for help with my GroBaby post, whoever was acting on Gro-Via's behalf on Facebook suggested that I use a little more detergent and give them a few more washes.  I guess organic cotton takes a bit longer to prep.  S/he said that organic cotton takes a good 10 washes to prep.  I was skeptical but hopeful.

Well now we're a few washes later, well over the 10 washes...verdict?!?  SUCCESS!!  So far, so good.  :)  I'm so excited that my GroBaby diapers are working just a swimmingly as originally anticipated!

So happy to have a few more diapers in my stash.  Hopefully I can go more than 24hours between washes now.  Wish I had a nice fat pile of spare change so I could buy a whole bunch of diapers...but then we did embark on our cloth journey to save money!!


hannah said...

Great news! I know what you mean about adding more diapers to your stash--after our trial program, we had only 5 diapers and were washing 1-2 times a day! We weren't using cloth overnight now. I think we are up to 14 now and are washing about every other day.

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

That is great! I love GroBaby (GroVia) diapers! We have like 8 in our stash! We did a diaper test on the last one they just put out the AIO, and I LOVE it! But it did take a lot of washing to prep it!! I never thought I would like that type and was skeptical at first and now it is my favorite!!