Saturday, June 26, 2010

The great diaper store hunt

So I've thrown myself into the great diaper store hunt, lol.  I was determined to find an actual brick and mortar store that sells cloth diapers.  I emailed one store The Eco Chic said was nice but is 2 hours away.  Guess the drive doesn't matter since they don't have a store front.  I looked into another store she mentioned she vaguely knew about..but no store front.   I also found another store (via google) that had an address listed on google maps about 30 min from me but ended up having the same situation as the other 2 stores. All appear to be online shops that offer demonstrations and diaper parties and the like locally.

Finally I found a store about 20 mins from us.  We went there today in hopes of scoping it out and getting a new diaper or two (Hubby didn't know about that ulterior motive, though I'm sure he assumed).  We get there and immediately get a dirty look from a mom getting out of her SUV as she put her son in an Ergo. I mean, I'm not the classiest broad out there, but I'm certainly not trash.  I drive a 2009 Civic, dress causally but put together (I'll never win a fashion award but I wouldn't be someone you pointed at and said, "I can't believe she wore that"), and have middle of the road baby products (Carters, Chicco stuff, Fisher Price...).  UGH!  Annoys me...but I digress.

So in the store we're wandering around (it's a pretty decent sized store).  They asked if we were looking for something in particular.  I excitedly told them I heard they sold cloth diapers.  "Oh yeah, I think we here."  Not the response I was looking for...  So they show me the lovely cloth diapering section (note sarcasm).  It includes about 5 Flip diapers (which they had no idea were hybrids or anything about disposable liners or anything really..."I think this is the liner and it just goes in and you wash it."), a handful of GroBaby boosters, a box of bumGenius laundry detergent, and a promise of GroVia diapers and whatever bumGenius replaces the 3.0 with.  I was all excited to engage in a conversation with real life women about cloth diapers but was exceedingly disappointed in their lack of any remote knowledge about cloth (despite their website boasting about cloth diapers).

We perused the expensive strollers and posh bedding.  I happily noted they have a stock of Plum Organics, albeit small.  We played with various toys, hoping to find one that would catch Squirmy's eye.  Looked at some cute, though expensive clothing (I'm sorry, I can't pay $30+ for a t-shirt he'll wear for less than a handful of months...).  Noted the 3 Ergos, 1 Baby Bjorn, and 1 sling of a brand I didn't recognize nor remember.  We left empty handed though we tried hard to find something with which to spoil Squirmy.

All in all...the trip was a total bust, sort of.  It showed me that there is literally no where in driving distance you can go into a store and actually SEE cloth diapers.  It was a very cute, posh boutique style store.

SOOOO....this all makes me want to open a store for natural living.  Cloth diapers, detergent, cleaning supplies, food (for infants through adults), learning and/or eco friendly toys, organic clothing (preferably affordable), recycled who knows what... A store that is marketed as a way ANYONE can get into green living, not just someone who can afford to shop at posh boutiques. I'm so afraid this is a pipe dream, or something we throw ourselves into to find we hate it, or that we invest in something that doesn't have a strong enough market and we fail miserably.

But my mind is racing with possibilities.....

The day wasn't a total waste.  We ended up checking out a new shopping center about an hour away from us (just 'cause we can) and Squirmy got some new clothes since his 3-6 month selection is slim.

Yes, yes, I bought this shirt 60% because it will match not only this diaper, but the majority of his BG dipes!  (the other 40% was because it was $5)


Rachel said...

I definitely think there should be a place where families can grab a view items to trial at home, without feeling like they're making a huge investment for something they may not take to. The store could've used more knowledgable staff or resources on hand. For example, where to find a product if they didn't have it in stock. It would be cute if such a boutique had mommy and me, play date, type events as well.

Carly said...

Cute shirt:) I am so Lucky I actually have a Cloth Diaper store that is about 20 min from my house and they have alot to choose from:)
I love to go in there and just chat with the owner about Diapers:) Hopefully you will find a store like that soon,or like you said open your own:)

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

I would love to have a shop near us also! It seems that the only way to go is online (and I always want to touch and see a product before I buy!)...I have always wanted to open a shop also :) That shirt is really cute and yes, it would match a lot of the BG and GroVia diapers :)

Tina said...

Thanks for the comments and the input! It's VERY much appreciated! Seems most people are very much interested in a store near them. Hope there are enough moms interested around here! :)

Maria Melee said...

Last year I found a great store in Gainesville. She sells from their Saturday morning market and from her home.