Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HELP!! Leaky diapers...again

I was all excited about my GroBaby diapers when we first got them.  Since then the excitement has waned a bit. :(  We continue to have leak issues.  I never considered Squirmy a heavy wetter, but we've had our battles with finding sposies and cloth that don't leak every time we put them on.  I'll give you a leak here or there due to user error or just sheer tricks of nature (seriously, how can so much come out of someone so little?!?).  But certain sposies and certain cloth have leaked nearly continuously.  I was so hoping GroBaby wouldn't be one of them.  I love how cute they are and I love the hybrid ability for longer outings.

Someone out there MUST have some solution for me.  Please HELP!

Here's the deal.  Squirmy leaks pee out of the BACK of diapers!?!?  The back of the diapers are never wet, but the front is soaked and his clothes are wet in the back.  The only thing I have been able to figure is that he's overflowing the front area and it leaks up, out, and down around his waist.  He's done this consistently in Huggies newborn diapers, gDiapers, and now GroBaby dipes.

When the GroBaby dipes started leaking, I was chalking it up to not fully prepped diapers.  Now they've all been fully prepped and are still leaking.  If I put the extra soaker pad in they are really bulky and gapping in the front (he's skinny and long).

Today I put the diaper on him, played with him for about 30 min before he decided he was tired and wanted another nap.

I dressed him and put him down, only for him to wake 30min later.  When I picked him up, I knew why he hadn't slept very long...he was WET!

Please, please, please!  I don't want to give up on these :(


Karen said...


Try this link. It has some suggestions for possible causes of leaking.

Tina said...

Thank you!! Heading over to read it now! :)

Carly said...

I do not know if this would work,but my solution to heavy wetting and what I use for Night time is Hemp Prefolds. You could try that in the diaper with the Newspaper fold. Hemp is what works for me. Good Luck:)

hannah said...

Finley is a heavy wetter, and we could not use GroBaby. Even if his clothes didn't get wet, the cover was usually too wet to put in another soaker. So I said to myself, what's the point of using an AI2 if I can only use it once? We have gone exclusively to AIO or pocket diapers since then and have had great luck with FuzziBunz One Size and Perfect Size, BumGenius 3.0 One Size, and Happy Heinys One Size. I can't even remember the last time we had a wet leak!

hannah said...

Oh, and the Dream-Eze AIO works great too!

simplymerry said...

if you're still having issues, try different adjustments in fit. If he's skinny and long, you might need the rise snapped smaller than you'd think - because that is what keeps the leg holes from leaking. My baby is fat thighed, so most of my diapers, including GroBaby, has to be on the fullest rise.

To tell whether it is snapped tight enough around the belly - it's ok to be gapping slightly when he is laying down, but there should be no gap when he is in a sitting position.

TheGirl said...

I agree with everything the above mamas said and it's so hard to diagnose a leak problem, i know first hand what you are going through.

I would...

do an overnight soak of all my diapers, then put them in the wash like normal but with no soap and an added rinse on top of that.

Try a different kind of doubler, microfiber for example soaks faster and that might be one of the problems, natural fibers take longer to soak up all the wet and sometimes it's a time thing. just a microfiber doubler over the regular grobaby liner at night could do the trick.

if all else fails... get a wool soaker. we use wool shorties over all our diapers every night no matter if it is a pocket, an ai2 or a prefold. this way, if the diaper does leak, the wool is there to catch. and don't worry, wool is very breathable and baby won't get overheated.

i hope this helps! i look forward to hearing what works for you, something will work, don't give up!


Tina said...

Thank you all so much for the help!! After a few more washings (as suggested by Gro-Via owner) they seemed to work SIGNIFICANTLY better. I thought I'd prepped them enough, but apparently not.

We're much happier now!