Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One year ago today

One year ago today my nephew was born.  I was in the middle of fertility treatment that hadn't been working.  I was so frustrated and defeated.  Actually, I had given up on my fertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist--RE) and had an appointment scheduled with a new RE on the high recommendation of a friend who was fighting a similar battle.

This day last year I was cursing my body for bleeding and begging a nurse to find me a tampon because we were at the hospital much longer than anticipated.  Then I called my mom to pick up my Femara from the pharmacy before they closed.  She knew it was a drug from the RE but didn't know what it did or why (Femara is a cancer drug for post menopausal women that is used to help women ovulate).  Don't think I ever paid her back for that.....Don't think she cares much.... :)  It would still be another month until I ovulated and a couple of weeks after that before I thought to test (thought I hadn't ovulated and was using progesterone cream to hold off my period until I saw the new RE).

Kind of crazy!

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