Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GroBaby already rocks my world!!

In our cloth diapering quest, I wanted to find a hybrid diaper.  I love my cloth, and I do use cloth for short trips out of the house.  For long days out of the house we were still using sposies,  Just something about carrying around a day's worth of wet, gooey diapers while hot as can be with a million tourists around you at Disney just didn't appeal to us.  Though a hot day with a non-breathable diaper against Squirmy's toosh isn't exactly what I wanted either.  And then there's the leaking issue with sposies (they leaked more often than our cloth does).  Image A:

Notice the awkward way I'm holding Squirmy...okay so it's not totally obvious in the picture, but I was.  While waiting in line to meet Mickey Mouse for the first time, Hubby sudden says, "Ut oh!"  Sure enough, Squirmy's pants had a nice wet spot in the back (Thankfully BF poo and khaki pants are a good color match!).  It was all we could do to hold him a few more minutes and try to keep the mess off our clothes (he may have had a change of clothes waiting in the stroller, but we didn't).  But I digress...

There's my long winded version of our dilemma.  I had a couple of mom's tell me about gDiapers.  Sounded promising and we could buy them with left over gift cards at Babies R Us.  I was excited about getting a hybrid diaper for days just as described above.  After a couple of weeks, we gave up and determined gDiapers weren't for us.  I sold them to a friend who was dying to try them.

My paypal account sat with money to burn right as GroBaby was rebranding to GroVia.  I was able to get 5 GroBaby diapers for a STEAL, PLUS a box of Bio Soakers thrown in!!  SCORE!!  I tracked my 2 shipments like a mad woman and was down right giddy each day they arrived!  Now the part I *hate* about cloth diapering is getting amazing fluff mail and having to wait several days (wash cycles) for them to be ready to use.  Though truth be told, I haven't prepped a diaper a single diaper the 5-7 times suggested.  How could you not get excited when these were in the mix?!?

The first day, I mistimed my laundry (AGAIN) and ran out of diapers before the wash/dry was done.  Before adding my GroBaby dipes I only had 24 hours of cloth.  I'd been using our leftover sposies for such failures on my part.  BUT!  I had new Bio Soakers and GroBaby shells to try out!  So I slapped one on Squirmy as we waited for the dryer to finish.  Turns out this was a night Squirmy fell asleep in our arms and didn't wake up when we went to bed.  I was so nervous about having an untested diaper on him overnight.  Granted he really doesn't go much at night; he saves it up for the morning and blows through several diapers in a matter of hours.  Still I was super nervous, but waking him to change his diaper seemed beyond reasonable.

We woke up the next morning to a dry baby and a successfully wet Bio Soaker!!  I was so happily surprised!  I was cautiously optimistic that we'd found our hybrid solution.  Just had to wait for the cloth soakers to be prepped and ready to test...

I gave up waiting after they'd been washed twice...shhh...don't tell!!  Let me just say, they're AMAZING!  Even my hubby, who was cautious about non-AIOs, loves them.  We did have one poo that managed to not stay completely on the soaker pad, but the shell caught it all!

I'm so glad I've got these in my stash and can't wait to get them into the regular rotation!  I think I'm even more excited to have an eco-friendly, chemical free solution for our long days out and trips to Disney!!

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