Thursday, July 29, 2010


So I feel like I've been ignoring my blog lately.  I haven't been...or at least not on purpose.  Life's been picking up speed.  Hubby just finished 10 days of 10 hour shifts.  It was terrible.  He was grumpy and tired and I missed him like mad.

This week started my new career as a "pretend to have twins, stay at home mom."  A friend of a friend desperately needed someone to watch her 6 month old during the day.  I desperately needed to add to the family income.  Match made in heaven.  Her 6 month old and Squirmy are pretty well matched developmentally despite the 2 month gap.  Both can roll in both directions, both can sit up unassisted for a short bit, both can purposefully do just about the same amount, and both are the same height, lol.  It's been fun...and interesting.

I had already previously agreed to sit for a family I used to sit for this week.  The kids are at junior lifeguard camp and need to be picked up at 1.  So off I trudge every day, with 2 infants, to a park that's a solid 30-40 minutes from me, to pick up these other two kids.  The round trip takes me nearly 1.5 hours.  Good times.

So I've had my hands full this week.  I can handle 1 infant and the 2 older kids.  I can handle 2 infants and no older kids.  But 2 infants and 2 older kids and I'm POOPED!!

Hubby was home with me through the chaos today.  He'll be back to work tomorrow and then off for the weekend.  Thankfully he has the weekend off...a rarity around here.  Our anniversary is on Monday and we still haven't made any plans to celebrate.  We need to figure something out.  I need to get his present.  I've figured out what I want to get...just gotta get it.

Squirmy's 4m check up was Monday.  He's still barely on the chart for height earning him the nickname "too tall jones" and only about 50% for weight and head circumference.  He got his shots and had an awful night :( Worst meltdown he's had in his little life.

So there's why I haven't been around (if you even noticed, lol).  I'll leave you with a couple of shots of my boys :)

Day 1...fascination!

Day 3...just hanging out

Day 4...Baby was a tie since the starting and finish line were the same

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Mama Mandolin said...

2 babies is a lot of work, huh? haha! Now do that through the night and everyday! :) Glad you found something for extra income, I wish I could pick up another kid but 2 is just about all this mama can do right now.