Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Cloth Diapering System

There are lots of articles on washing cloth diapers, how different diapers work, and even how to make your own, but what about the nitty gritty details of getting a dirty diaper from bum to pail?

This is a link-up unique opportunity, hosted by The Cheap and ChoosyMy New Life as...MOM!, Trees Will Bend , and Home Grown Families, to share your system and to see a lot of other mom's ideas in one place! Please join in the fun and make this a link-up party that will help many new to cloth moms and be a fun experience for fluff addicts!

What's your diapering system and organization? Just post about it and link up! 


I love seeing everyone's systems.  I figured I'd post mine as one of the more simplistic systems.  Painfully simple, really.  We bought a beautiful changing table for Squirmy's room before he was born with visions of poopy diapers and love.  Well...truth be told, I could probably count on one hand the number of times he's used it in his 4 months.  We almost bought one for downstairs (we live in a 2 story townhome, all bedrooms upstairs, all living space down), but the PnP we bought had one attached.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times he was changed on that one, too.  We've gone for the minimalistic/convenience approach.  Squirmy gets changed in the living room.  Sometimes on the oversized ottoman from Ikea (which claims you can't wash the cover but TRUST me, you can...Squirmy has helped us prove this time and time again).  Sometimes on the couch.  Sometimes on the floor.  We just change him wherever is comfortable and easy.

Here's my set up of supplies.  A small wire basket that I believe was originally bought for me to use in the dorms in undergrad (at least that's the first purpose of it I can remember) holds the clean dipes.  We have far too few dipes so the small container works.  The cloth wipes hang out on the side of the basket.  The solution is on the floor in front of the basket.  There's a small plastic basket behind the diapers for diaper creams, barriers, and extra liners/doublers.  Behind that is the dry pail.  That is the same pail my mom used with me (albeit for disposables) that turned into my toy bin.  My mom actually had to empty out all my old toys I refused to get rid of in order for me to use it for Squirmy.  :)  Next to it is the froggy potty for our endeavors in EC.  Just ignore the printer and Wii Fit Balance Board in the shot.  Like I said, we do this in the living room so everything is tucked next to the end of the couch.

When Squirmy needs a change, I grab a wipe, the spray, and a clean dipe.  I lay him down and take his dipe off.  A couple of squirts, wipe, and put the new dipe on.  I might put him on the potty for a minute before I wipe him up and/or I might leave him on the floor for nakey time.  Then I throw the wipe and dipe into the pail.  Since he's still EBF, that's it!  Less than 36 hours later it will be in the wash!  I do laundry every 24-36 hours depending on how fast he goes through our stash.

At night I'll grab 2-3 dipes before we head up to bed.  We use disposable wipes at bedtime, partially because we still have some and partially because I don't want to try cloth wipes/spray in the middle of the night on the off chance he wakes and needs a change.

Our stash:
  • 12 BG AIO Organics
  • 5 GroBabys (shells, soakers, and doublers)
  • 1 GAD, size medium long
  • 12 Thirsties wipes (won from a Home Grown Families Giveaway)
  • 1 bottle of booty luster (won from a Home Grown Families Giveaway)
Can I just say I'm so jealous when I read other people's stash lists?!?

So that's our system.  I like the linky for this.  If any of the moms who started the idea are reading, I think you should do another linky for what happens from dirty in pail to clean and put away.


Amy Walker said...

Love it! Thanks for linking up! That pail is ADORABLE. SO COOL that it's the one your mom used!!!!!

Ida Mae said...

I agree on the pail, too cute. I also like you idea for the next link up idea :)

Annie Robertson said...

Thank you so much for sharing it.
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Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

Thank you so much for linking up! Your stash will grow, as will the number of kids :) if you want it to! Your little man is too cute! I am following you now!

I dont see a button for you- Let me know when you have one and I will put it up on my blog!


Tina said...

Thanks for the love :) I love my pail, too. I have memories of sitting in it and playing with it, lol.

Melissa--I appreciate the offer. I don't have a button just yet. I need to figure that out :)