Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life in the Modern House

So here's a glimpse into my world.  This is an actual conversation I just had.

Hubby: Do you remember that weird heart pinch thing I told you about? (referencing a previous complaint about his heart/chest)

Me: Yeah

Hubby: It really hurts.  It's like a muscle is pinched or something.  Ow!

Me: Do you need to go to the Dr?!

Hubby: No, I feel fine.  If I suddenly don't feel fine you might want to call 911.

Me: Oh that would be awesome. (laden with sarcasm)

Hubby: That would be awful....

Me: Uh, YEAH

Hubby: ....I could never eat fast food again!

Me: Yeah, that would be the awful part.

He's happily playing with his computer.  I assume he's fine.

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