Monday, August 30, 2010

Comedy of Errors

Just to note, I started writing this at 10:45am.  So far it's been a really long day...

7:30--wake up, get dressed, turn on baby monitor

7:40--work on picking up the living room/dining room/ that the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and there are dirty dishes stacked ALL OVER the kitchen from last night's dinner (despite my husband PROMISING he'd take care of the dishes after dinner last night)...half unload the dishwasher

8:00--my charge arrives, get the run down from his dad, say good bye, play for a few minutes

8:15--place charge in the jumperoo and finish cleaning the there is no Mt Dew and only 1 Cherry Coke (I do not drink coffee...Mt Dew is my coffee!)

8:30--notice the charge is falling asleep in jumperoo as I finish the kitchen...move charge to swing (his nap location)

8:45--hear rustling on the baby monitor and wonder if Squirmy is awake

8:50--hear a toy singing on the baby monitor and ascertain that Squirmy IS awake

8:50-9:10--discover that Squirmy's diaper has leaked (he and his bedding are SOAKED), give Squirmy a bath, bring him downstairs for a diaper and onesie

9:10--sit down to feed Squirmy only to discover he's woken my charge who now fusses from the swing as I feed and cuddle with Squirmy

9:20--put Squirmy on the floor to play, pick up charge, change his diaper, put him on the floor to play


9:30--warm a bottle for charge and let dog outside to do business

9:40-10:00--try to get charge to pay attention long enough to drink the bottle he clearly wants and wonder why Squirmy is making a strange noise (while he plays on the floor next to me)

10:00--try to burp charge as tries to get away from me to play, give up and see why Squirmy is making an odd noise

10:05--pick up Squirmy to discover my hands are now wet...and discover his diaper has leaked poo at both leg openings (though luckily not up the back)

10:06--take Squirmy's diaper off and suddenly remember telling DH that I didn't think Squirmy had pooped at all yesterday (he's a several time a day pooper)...the poor diaper didn't stand a chance...carefully try to figure out what to do to minimize poo spreading

10:08--carry Squirmy like a roped calf to the kitchen, spray off entire lower half of body, note to check charges head later since it's now bright red and he's screaming

10:10--back on the changing table, wipe the remaining poo off of him, curse myself for getting poo on the changing table cover, laugh as Squirmy pees on me

10:15--Squirmy is changed and clean and I've stripped to my nursing tank, put Squirmy down for a nap

10:20--Strip changing table, talk online while charge plays, wait for roommate to come down to keep an eye on charge while I change

10:30--run upstairs to change my clothes and put the diapers in the cat sleeping in the crib and that the dog has peed in the house, shoo cat, clean up pee, change clothes, put diapers in the dryer, pray that whatever is making charge cry ceases before he wakes Squirmy

10:40--return downstairs to learn charge has hit his head AGAIN, and note that charge looks sleepy...put charge back in swing and pray his obligatory nap protests don't wake Squirmy (who slept through the head banging screaming)

10:45--Charge is asleep, Squirmy is awake but not convincingly so, shake Squirmy's chair with foot, start blogging

10:55--decide Squirmy is not going back to sleep and pick him up before he wakes Charge, feed Squirmy again, continue blogging while Squirmy eats

11:05-11:20--play with Squirmy and pray his happy chatter doesn't wake Charge

11:20--get Charge out of swing, change his diaper, wonder if I'm going to get to go to the bathroom at all today

11:25-11:45--inhale far too many graham crackers without noticing because I'm trying to eat while I have a chance, defuse tug of war on clothing, supervise play, blog

There you have it.  It's nearly noon and if I hadn't just written it all down, I wouldn't have been able to tell you where those 3 hours had gone.  Now I can safely say the past 3 hours were filled with dishes, 4 diaper changes, 1.5 baths, 3 outfits for Squirmy, 2 outfits for me, 3 feedings, 3 entirely too short naps, a little bit of play, and a little bit of blogging.  *sigh*  Just one of those days :)

EDIT:  Apparently the comedy wasn't meant to end at 11:45... In the last 20 minutes we've had 2 fuss fits, 1 leaky diaper/diaper change, 1 outfit change...and I finally got to go to the bathroom.

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Annie said...

oh wow! Talk about adventure! Not a boring minute for you. So sorry about the diapers. I have had that happen before, thankfully with cloth it isn't very often but when it happens it is BAD and quite funny when you look back at it!