Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Chapter

So here I am in the middle of the latest chapter of my life.  I started this blog so long ago, it seems.  I was in undergrad trying to figure out which way was up.  Years later, I sit on my couch with my son asleep on my chest.  With a BA and MA under my belt, a husband by my side, our first house around me, and my first career on hold, I find myself drawn back into blogging.  So much has happened and changed in such a short amount of time.  I feel like I'm always starting a new chapter, a new adventure, the latest addition to the plot of my life.

Squirmy was born March 19, 2010 via c-section.  I was absolutely terrified of the surgery, but was assured it was the only way to have a safe delivery.  I think I'll always mourn not delivering vaginally.  Maybe next time...  Since that day, my life has been changed forever, as you might expect.  I've gone from being a Family Therapist to a Stay at Home Mom, from being on the go to not leaving the house most days, from paperwork to poopy diapers...and I wouldn't trade a single moment.

Several people thought I was ridiculous for hanging up my hat for the time being, "All that work to get your degree and you're not going to use it."  I have several answers to that...1.) At the time I got my degree, that's what I "needed" to be doing with my life, 2.) degrees don't expire, 3.) I use plenty I learned in getting my degrees every day, 4.) no degree would ever trump being a mom.

So instead of seeing clients, I'm conquering breast feeding, mastering cloth diapering, gaining my strength back (after not being able to lift or do strenuous activity for almost a year), getting rid of the baby weight, and figuring out life all over again.

Each day, a new page.  Each adventure, the start of a new chapter.  Each chapter, another part of me.


hannah said...

What a great and thoughtful post! I am in a similar situation, having gone to part time teaching when I had been full time when I got pregnant. And I am struggling to finish my PhD dissertation, which is a pain in my butt, and I think many people don't understand the value of education. It's not just about degrees; yes, I earned them and can say I have them, but I wouldn't be who I am without what I've gained from them.

Tina said...

Thanks, Hannah! What a timely comment...yesterday I had lunch with my old coworkers. It was nice to be back in the conversation, but a twinge of jealousy hit as I was introduced to my replacement. But then Squirmy cooed and I couldn't help but beam! I'm so much luckier being at home than in the grind!

Good luck on your dissertation. I still haven't decided if I'll go for my PhD some day. But that's another chapter for another day :)