Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thinking about a homebirth

For all the talk about not sleeping on my blog you'd think we'd be against having another kid.  And to an extent you'd be right.  Hubby and I have talked about leaving Squirmy as an only child.  We've both said we are comfortable with him being an only.  I can't imagine adding another little life to our family.  But...to hear us actually talk...we're not done.  We keep talking about when the next child is born and when I'm pregnant again and when we have 2 kids and...

So, it's realistic to look at my options.  Given Squirmy's "birth," my options are more limited than standard practice.  First, I will NOT being returning to my OB.  Not a chance in hell I'd give her another dime, let alone step foot in her office.  So I will be looking for a lovely midwife to help me through my next pregnancy and delivery.  Second, there's the whole issue of method of delivery.  Unfortunately in this area, "once a c-sect, always a c-sect" is the mantra.  That leads us to thirdly, location of delivery....

Now prior to Squirmy's birth I was under the impression that this whole "location of deliver" thing was a non-issue.  You gave birth at a hospital...PERIOD.  Sure you had the hippies giving birth at birthing centers, but that's just weird and non-conformist.  NOW, I realize that there are 3 main options for birth location: hospital, birthing center, and home.  Six months ago I would have thought you were crazy and reckless to attempt a home birth.

But let's break down my options further...  I will NOT be cut again unless absolutely necessary.  No "dead baby" cards will be thrown prior to me pushing and/or some glaring red flag appearing during my pregnancy.  And I mean GLARING!  I'm considering VBAC my only option.  It WILL be how I birth my next baby.  I FULLY believe my body is more than capable and would have been more than capable if my OB (and I) had allowed it to do it's thing for Squirmy's birth.  With that decided, that narrows down my choices for location.  No hospitals around here allow VBACs (whether in policy or practice).  There is 1 hospital I know of about an hour away that will allow VBACs but that would mean I'd have to have a provider with privileges there, which means LOTS of driving for pre-natal appointments.  Not really what I want to do with a toddler/small child especially given the crazy traffic I'll encounter and the zombie like state I lived in for most of my pregnancy.  Birthing centers aren't allowed to do VBACs in the state of FL.  So....looks like I'll be one of those crazy, insane, radical hippies who gives birth at home.  Which narrows my choices down to 1 midwife in our area (bonus that all prenatal appointments are in-home as well!).

So if PCOS and breastfeeding ever allow me to ovulate again, I may very well end up pregnant again...and may very well give birth right here, at home! :)

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Courtney Fisk said...

i did my last one at home- it was amazing! I hope you can do that too. I have three little ones even with PCOS!